About Us

As a Registered Investment Adviser we offer highly customized wealth and asset management services for families, individuals and institutions.

We are a first and foremost a service oriented company. Our goal is to make your life easier by protecting and growing your assets. We not only help you invest your capital but strive to ease any administrative burden in the course of  your dealings with banks and brokers.

Our entrepreneurial nature allows us to take a business approach to investing. When investing your assets we think like business owners who are looking to generate attractive returns on capital. We seek to protect your assets by avoiding permanent loss of capital which is what we consider the real risk to investors.

We are not associated with any banking or depository institution but do maintain strategic relationships with certain asset managers. We have a legal fiduciary responsibility to our clients and are held to higher standards by the regulators than bankers and brokers. Any potential conflicts of interests are disclosed in our ADV brochure.

Safe Custody

We use qualified custodian banks to safeguard our client’s assets to provide them a peace of mind.

Continuity and Confidentiality

Employees change firms on a regular basis which can frustrate clients who have to repeatedly share confidential information with a myriad of advisors. We don’t change firms. We own our business and are passionate about helping our clients thrive over the long term.

Types of Services

Our personalized services range from discretionary portfolio management to non-discretionary investment advice. We service individual accounts or an entire family of accounts at different financial institutions on a consolidated basis.

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